My name is Scott Andrews and I am the travelling alchemist...


I have always been drawn to creating art. My past has seen me as a stone mason, lead lighter, painter and sculptor amongst many other passions. 

I've met many people in my pursuits; artists, parents, doctors, newlyweds... meeting people in their comfortable environment shows their true character and opens a window to their soul. I have been exploring the photographic process called "wet plate collodion" or "tintype" for the past few years. Capturing honest portraits of people in these environments is incredibly rewarding.


The tin-type process was invented in 1851 and the chemicals and cameras used then are the same as I use today.

The process includes setting up the shot, capturing the photo on a metal plate, processing and developing the final image. The variance in light, subject and chemicals ensure that every single image is a one off individual photo that seems to capture a sense of spirit not found in other forms of photography. Hence why this style still exists in today's modern world.


This is a rare opportunity to experience this distinctive style of antique photography as I am one of a handful of artists worldwide that use this process. 

For those who dare to seek their true spirit and would like a memorable experience and a timeless piece of unique art that will last a lifetime, please contact me to organise your special photo shoot.